Support and Resource Tools

Essential Cleaners/Malware Protection
📦Avira  – A bit more advertisey but a great antivirus none the less.
📦Malwarebytes – Best malware scanner/protection app against most malware.
📦ADWcleaner – Need a quick bug clean up tool? This one is great!
📦Ccleaner Portable – Get rid of bloat and cache hogs with this.
📦Bleachbit – Alternative to Ccleaner.
📦Tinywall – Free basic firewall that looks cool and works well for basic protection

Recommended Software / Plugin to increase security and browsing experience.
📦Chrome – Web Browser with many great features. [ See below for recommended plugins. ]

📦Firefox – Web Browser with many great features.

Essential System Maintenance Hard Drive Tools
📦Windirstat – Awesome tool for finding huge space hog files and organize your data visually.
📦Portable Defraggler – Use to defrag sluggish hard drives.
📦Minitool Partition Wizard – Rescue/Restore partitions and such.
📦Macrium Reflect Free – Backup and restore hard drives easily with this tool.

Online Alternatives for Backup
Online Back up option Idrive.
– Backup your data to a private and secure source online.

Online Backup option BackBlaze. –
– Back up your data. (Compare BackBlaze to other services)

OS (Win 8/10) Related tools 📦Classic Start – If you miss the old windows xp-7 start menu this will replace the windows 10 style menu for a better start menu experience. ( Opens direct download link. )        


This page was last updated: 11/18/2022