Virus & Malware Clean Up Guide ( Pt. 2 )


Now that you have cleaned your pc of Malware, we need to do a virus check. We want to be certain that your pc is clear of both viruses and malware.
Follow the next step to remove most viruses.

There are two main free antiviruses recommended at the time of this writing.  Avast and Avira. In the first part of this tutorial we discussed installing Avast with Malwarebytes. If you have Avast or Avira Antivirus installed you can skip this step. If you haven’t seen the first part of this tutorial it is recommended you follow that short guide then continue.

INSTALL AN ANTIVIRUS ( If you haven’t already.)

You can download an antivirus program for free from, a very trustworthy service used to install software silently and without hassle. You should see something similar to the picture below.

Once the page loads, scroll down the list and look for SECURITY:

Place a check in the AVAST or AVIRA checkbox. Choose ONLY ONE. If you have multiple antiviruses it can cause problems. If you have an antivirus, do NOT select Avast. Please uninstall the old antivirus first if you feel it is not working as effectively as you would like.


Note: If you have an active subscription to an antivirus or have an antivirus installed and you feel it is not working, you must uninstall that antivirus by going to add remove programs before installing Avira or Avast.

In windows 10 here’s how to uninstall any program: in 10, Open the start menu, then click on SETTINGS.
Now choose SYSTEM from the settings menu, select APPS and FEATURES. From this area you can select the antivirus or program you wish to uninstall. You can click on the uninstall button that shows once you’ve clicked on the program you wish to remove from the menu.

Scroll down the page and choose the big button that says “Get your ninite”
The button looks like the image below.

Once you have downloaded the Ninite file, choose to open and run it. In Chrome you will have a link to click to open it.

You can click this and choose open. IE and Edge are similar. They should prompt you to open the file or to save it then open it, choose save then open. Firefox usually defaults to saving the file in the users Downloads folder. If you cannot find the file, you can usually browse to your download folder and find the file manually. (Click the start button then type downloads) and you should find your download folder.

If you downloaded it to your download folder it will look like this in your explorer:

Select this file and then double click it to start it. You may see a window similar to this. Tell it run. It will begin installing your new software.

You should then see a window similar to this:

The installer may take awhile, its downloading and installing an antivirus if you chose to add Avast. (Anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more.)

When it is finished you will see a button that says to close similar to what you see below.


Now that you have installed your antivirus (Avast or Avira) you can begin a scan on your PC. To start a scan in Avast follow the instructions following the Avira instructions.

Scan With Avira.

1. Click the Avira Umbrella on your desktop or from your start menu.


2. Then you should see the basic Avira window below or something similar.


3. Click the red shield or the words, “Free Antivirus” to open the antivirus settings. Shown highlighted below.


4. Now  you should see a window like below:


5. From the left click SCAN.


6. Now choose Full Scan to scan the entire system as seen below:


7. Click the large green button “Start Scan” to start now.


8. Once the scan has started you should see something like this:

Allow Avira to clean up any viruses found.