Virus & Malware Clean Up Guide ( Pt. 1)

a guide (Pssst. Part 2 is here. )

Is your PC acting sluggish, not responding so well? Let’s take basic steps to clean it up. Are you afraid you have a computer virus? Let’s walk through the steps to fix it up. Our first step will be to remove common malware. In order to do this we need a powerful malware stopper/scanner.

*Note if your computer has problems downloading software you will need to do the downloading steps on another computer and bring the files to your pc via USB thumb drive. By using this tutorial you acknowledge that you and you alone are responsible for your actions following this tutorial. Please not that some viruses are aggressive and can cause crashes in windows if you remove viruses from your system. (We will cover stability fixes in another tutorial.)

You can download much of the software from, a very trustworthy service used to install software silently and without hassle. You should see something similar to the picture below.

Scroll down the list and choose SECURITY:
Place a check in the Avast and Malwarebytes checkboxes. If you have an antivirus, do NOT select Avast. Please uninstall the old antivirus first if you feel it is not working as effectively as you would like. If you want to keep your antivirus and trust it, then only place a checkmark on Malwarebytes.

Scroll down the page and choose the big button that says “Get your ninite”
The button looks like the image below.

Once you have downloaded the Ninite file, choose to open and run it. In Chrome you will have a link to click to open it.

You can click this and choose open. IE and Edge are similar. They should prompt you to open the file or to save it then open it, choose save then open. Firefox usually defaults to saving the file in the users Downloads folder. If you cannot find the file, you can usually browse to your download folder and find the file manually. (Click the start button then type downloads) and you should find your download folder.

If you downloaded it to your download folder it will look like this in your explorer:

Select this file and then double click it to start it. You may see a window similar to this. Tell it run. It will begin installing your new software.

You should then see a window similar to this:

The installer may take awhile, its downloading and installing a malware stopper and an antivirus if you chose to add Avast. (Anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more.)

When it is finished you will see a button that says to close similar to what you see below.

After you  have installed Malwarebytes, open the icon that is on your desktop. If it wants to run in demo mode allow it so that you will have better protection.

After double clicking the icon you should see something similar to this:

Click the big blue and white scan now button. (Please note the software may update first.)

Great work! Let’s let the scanner run for as long as it takes to scan your pc. Depending on your computer it may take from 20 minutes to an hour or more.
Be patient this step will isolate and help you remove the malware.

It will look something like this:

Once it finishes the scan, you can choose to remove the malware that was found. You may see a few or many infections.
Make sure the detected malware is all selected to be quarantined and then press the QUARANTINE SELECTED button as seen below.

Malware may need to reboot after or during the malware removal process.
Allow this and restart the computer. Then we follow to the next step of this software.
After windows reboots continue with the link below. We have now done a basic malware clean up. The next step is to scan for viruses using an antivirus.

Great work! You have done a malware removal scan. This often helps computers run faster after a simple reboot.


You have now finished BASIC VIRUS CLEAN UP Step One. GREAT WORK!

Now lets move to
PART TWO – CLICK HERE to continue


What if I install Malwarebytes but it won’t run?

Some malware stop Malwarebytes and similar programs from running.
IF this happens you may click on the icon and nothing happens. An advanced method to get Malwarebytes to run is to try this. If after installation, MBAM won’t start, open the Malwarebytes‘ Anti-Malware folder in Program Files. Right-click on mbam.exe and rename it to note.exe or m2.exe. or something similar so and then run the renamed file. It should then run and you can continue cleaning up your computer.